Welcome to the sixth Insurance Insider Honours...

It still seems only yesterday we held the inaugural Insurance Insider Honours at the beginning of September 2012, when 600 senior executives packed into the splendid setting of London’s Royal Courts of Justice.

We had found our perfect date - the one we always wanted.

The week before Monte Carlo sees London thronging with high-profile international visitors before the mass migration down to the Rendez-Vous.

Then in 2013 we found our spiritual home. Old Billingsgate is bigger, has better acoustics and the location is perfect – just a stone’s throw from the heart of the London insurance market.

All attendees have to do is stroll downhill from their London office.

Consecutive years have consistently upped the standard in terms of the quantity as well as the quality of attendees.

Back in spring 2012, when we hatched a plan to start our own awards ceremony, we thought it would be a low-key affair in its first year.

The world is full of identikit awards ceremonies that add little of value to the sum of human experience and such a scenario was something we wanted to avoid at all costs.

We knew exactly what we didn’t want – a pointless new entry to the rubber chicken circuit. It was our hope that the Insurance Insider Honours would build from its first year to become a benchmark of professionalism and achievement in the global market that would stand the test of time.

I can safely say that in our sixth year we have achieved that. An Insider Honour has developed into a trophy that is hard won, richly deserved and whose bestowal earns the begrudging respect of even one’s bitterest rival.

We may have arrived but we are restless souls and we still want it to be bigger and better in 2017.

Here is your chance to build on what we have achieved so far. We have learnt a lot in the last five years and have duly tweaked the category definitions, as well as reshuffling some Honours in the pantheon.

The early timing of this communication is deliberately designed to give you plenty of time to put your entries together to the highest possible standard. It’s time to let us know what great things you have been up to.  

Mark Geoghegan
Managing Director, The Insurance Insider

  • Jim Bryce

    Jim Bryce

    Non-Executive Director of CV Starr Managing Agency

  • David Constable

    David Constable

    Non-Executive Director, Tokio Marine Kiln

  • Sian Fisher

    Sian Fisher

    CEO of the CII
  • Mark Geoghegan

    Mark Geoghegan

    Managing Director, The Insurance Insider

  • Rolf Tolle

    Rolf Tolle

    Former Lloyd's Franchise Performance Director; Non-Executive Director, Beazley